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Late for Her Own Funeral

     We are all familiar with the phrase "late for your own funeral".  In March of 2011, Elizabeth Taylor requested that her services start 15 minutes later than the scheduled time.  A recent Jane Doe did one better.

     A certain Jane Doe passed away in May of 2011.  Her final wishes were to be cremated and to have funeral services in California.  The body was cremated and the ashes and urn were brought to the post office in Metairie, LA for the shipping.

      The funeral services were scheduled in California and the responsible party shipped the remains regular first class mail from a post office in a suburb of New Orleans! The funeral services were scheduled

      The services for Jane Doe took place with friends and family gathered and things went off without a hitch. Well except for one detail.  Jane Doe's ashes were not present for the funeral because they didn't arrive in time.

      And now you know the rest of the story and how you can be late for your own funeral.




























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